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Same Day Dental Implants

Same Day Dental Implants may be the right solution for you if:

  • You wear old and worn partial dentures, which don’t stay in place properly
    All of your teeth are loose and you fear the worst
  • You would not even consider full dentures because you feel there is a stigma attached to them, and your lifestyle and career needs require implanted fixed teeth
  • You have suffered lifelong problems with dentures, you cannot eat the foods you like and feel there must be a better way
  • You have not seen a dentist for sometime and have a dental phobia; you may feel it’s gone too far to save your teeth and are looking or a long term solution
  • The look of your smile and natural teeth depresses you and it affects your confidence and quality of life.
    You want rock solid permanent teeth again
  • You want to smile confidently again

If you agree with any of the statements above, then we can help you regain confidence in your smile.

What are Same Day Dental Implants?

If you have loose dentures, a missing tooth or teeth and find it difficult to eat the foods you enjoy, then Same Day Dental Implants will change your life. Traditional dental implant treatment requires a healing period, which means you would usually be fitted with a temporary denture, prolonging your discomfort and limited function. With Same Day Teeth, there are no dentures, you will have teeth fitted, in just one day!

How do Same Day Dental Implants work?

With the Same Day Teeth procedure the failed teeth are extracted, and the dental implants are then placed and then fitted with a temporary fixed bridge on the same day. You don’t have to worry about wearing dentures while waiting for your implants to heal – with same day dental implants you are fitted with a set of fixed, natural-looking temporary teeth that are designed to speed up the healing process. The temporary bridge is replaced with a permanent bridge after 3 months once the gums have completely healed. Same Day Teeth are suitable for replacing a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and full arch replacement.

The benefits of Same Day Teeth

  • No need to wear a temporary denture
  • Leave the clinic with  new ‘real’ teeth on the same day
  • Better aesthetic result long term
  • Minimum disruption to your lifestyle
  • Temporary bridge looks, feels and functions like a real teeth
  • Faster healing time

Change your smile in less than a day

Same Day teeth - after treatment

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