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Many of our patients come to us through recommendation from friends and family. At The Raglan Suite we all like to think that we offer a 5* service, but don’t take our word for it – read some of the written testimonials that our patients have given us!

Anna’s Story

I can’t praise the service and treatment at the Raglan Suite highly enough..

I was referred to Dr Wendy Cole over a year ago with receding gums,deep pockets resulting in loosening teeth and a mouth that despite my best efforts I just couldn’t keep clean.

Thanks to Wendy and her team a year on and the change is remarkable…the surgery sounded daunting but I can honestly say I was never in pain nor did I feel anything during my sessions in the chair! Her professionalism and expertise shone through and the results are better than I could have imagined.

My gums are healthier than they’ve been for a very long time ..fixing the foundations has shown new bone growth too.. I couldn’t be more thrilled. All credit to a brilliant practitioner whose work deserves all the accolades possible.

My thanks to everyone involved in the process, from front of house to nurses, hygienist and of course, Wendy Cole.

Bill’s Story

Bill had always taken great pride in looking after his teeth and in fact as a young man he won a prize for the “Best Teeth”.  As time went on, Bill started to develop some imperfections and had crowns fitted. However, his favourite meal – the crispy duck at the local chinese restaurant, caused him endless problems as his crowns would fall out!

Bill suffered with dental problems from then on, until eventually he only had two teeth left and opted to wear dentures. As part of his long and successful career in the premier football league, Bill was often asked to speak publically at events and dinners. With his previous ill-fitting dentures, Bill had to use a significant amount of fixative to give him the confidence to speak to an audience and found this distressing.

“There was constant movement, I couldn’t speak for very long without using extra polygrip or my dentures would simply just fall out! I hated using polygrip though and eating was a nightmare too, I couldn’t bite into anything or chew. All my food had to be soft and pulpy, my diet completely changed” he commented.

Finally, after years of discomfort and constant abscesses, his dentist recommended Bill to The Raglan Suite. First, Dr. Geoff Baggaley extracted his remaining teeth. Then Bill saw Clinicial Dental Technician, Chris Egan, who gave him a full assessment and then created and fitted a new pair of bespoke suction dentures.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them!” said Bill “My teeth never move now, I can eat, I can talk – and I’m not afraid to talk in company either. I’m enjoying my food again – especially the crispy duck and a good medium rare steak!

Bill’s daughter, who accompanied him to appointments, added, “The Raglan Suite is fantastic, it’s very comfortable and everyone’s so pleasant and welcoming. Dad’s been really very happy with the whole experience.”

Graham’s Story

“I’d worn a partial denture for over 65 years since an accident knocked out my front tooth at the age of 11. When I reached retirement I started getting problems with my lower teeth, but I knew I didn’t want full dentures. Steve fitted 5 implants in the upper jaw to hold an implant supported denture and 5 implants in the lower jaw to hold a fixed implant bridge.

The first thing I did when I left the Raglan Suite was eat a carrot! Something I’d never been able to do! Following that I bit into an apple and then had some chewing gum! It was fantastic to be able to re-discover all of these things – and with absolutely no fixative!

I’d also like to add how very easy it is to keep the implant supported dentures clean. The clip system means that although the teeth are very secure and stable, they are very easy to remove for cleaning – you just pop it out and pop it in. It’s marvelous!

I am particularly impressed with how my new teeth have been made to look like real teeth, even having the wear patterns that a person of my age would have. Everyone thinks I still have my real teeth, they don’t question it at all, which is exactly what I wanted.”

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