Video Testimonials

Sedation and Dental Implants: Mr Driver's Experience

Suffering with dental anxiety since childhood, Mr Driver was referred by his dentist to have treatment with The Raglan Suite, whilst sedated.  After completing his dental implant treatment, Mr Driver is confident the treatment has changed his life.


Adult Orthodontics: Joy's Experience

Joy didn’t think that anything could be done to improve her crooked teeth, but after her treatment with Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Megan Hatfield, Joy said, “I just can’t stop smiling!” This is how she felt along her journey at The Raglan Suite.

Root Canal Therapy: Alan's Experience

Alan was suffering from recurring infection due to an infected root canal. He underwent an apicectomy with Dr. Antony Bellaries – this is his experience of the procedure.

Dental Implants: Candice's Experience

Candice was a very nervous patient who attended The Raglan Suite for the placement of a dental implant. This is her account of her experience of the treatment with Dr. Tim Doswell

Patient care: Betty's Experience

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you visited The Raglan Suite for a consultation, but decided not to go ahead with treatment? This is one patient’s experience….

Dental Implants: Anna's Experience

Years ago, Anna damaged her front teeth in a sporting accident. Although fitted with a dental bridge, over time it began to fail and she suffered with endless infections and subsequent pain and embarrassment. Dr. Tim Doswell placed four dental implants to support the bridge securely. This is Anna’s story…

Advanced Full Mouth Reconstruction: Claire's Journey

From failing teeth to full mouth dental implants, this is a short documentary that details Claire’s personal view of her patient journey here at The Raglan Suite.

Dental Implants: Lynette's Experience

Lynette lost her front teeth at a very young age and had to wear a denture, but subsequently her gums rapidly started to recede. Lynette suffered years of low self esteem due to her upper jaw shrinkage, which also caused problems in the stability and retention of the denture.

After Dr. Tim Doswell replaced her teeth with dental implants, Lynette said “It’s completely altered my life. The team here are fantastic, and not just Tim – the nurses, the dental technicians – they were all amazing. It’s not the best procedure to go through, but my teeth are fabulous and it’s definitely worth every minute!”

Advanced Full Mouth Reconstruction: Linda's Journey

Linda had all her teeth taken out fifteen years ago and had to have  full dentures. Over time, she suffered significant bone loss, which led to her dentures becoming loose and ill fitting causing constant  ulcers and pain. At The Raglan Suite, our Implant Surgeon Steve Byfield stabilized the loose dentures with dental implants.

Linda’s first response was “I’ve got teeth! I can smile….and I can chew! Steak here I come!”

Dental Implants: Ralph's Experience

With a number of missing teeth, Ralph really struggled with eating solid food and required four dental implants to restore his normal chewing function.

“I can honestly say it was no more painful than a normal filling and I didn’t need any further pain relief after the anesthetic had worn off either! I’m absolutely delighted!” he commented.

Implant Supported Dentures: Maureen's Experience

Maureen suffered from anxiety about visiting the dentist and yet needed implant supported dentures. She came to The Raglan Suite for help and received sedation during her treatment.

Dental Implant: Karen's Experience

Karen came to The Raglan Suite for a dental implant to replace a tooth at the back of her mouth. Although it was not visible whilst she was talking or laughing, it was  “very important for chewing!”.

After her treatment Karen said “I can honestly say it was a fantastic experience. I was so impressed I actually asked to leave a review – and I never leave reviews!”

Implant Supported Dentures: Ginette's Experience

Ginette was referred to The Raglan Suite for dental implants to support her dentures.

After her treatment she said, “It’s completely transformed me – I can smile, go out, eat better and actually enjoy my food – it’s given me my life back!”

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