A fixed lower bridge is secured with dental implants whilst a removable upper bridge was utilised, providing the patient with a  full set of teeth with increased function and confidence.

This patient came into The Raglan Suite, had their remaining teeth extracted and dental implants placed. Full arch dental bridges were secured to the upper and lower implants. The patient walked out the door with a full set of fixed teeth.

A failing root meant that that this front tooth had to be extracted. A single dental implant was fitted and a crown fitted which matched the remaining natural teeth.

The root of the broken tooth was extracted and the teeth whitened before a dental implant and crown was fitted, matching the natural teeth.

The teeth were whitened before a dental implant and crown was fitted on the front tooth which also created a balanced gumline.

A single dental implant and crown was fitted providing greater stability and function when eating food and removing undue pressure from adjacent teeth.

This patient wanted a brighter and even smile. Composite veneers were used to create a beautiful smile.

Old crowns and bridges were replaced to give the patient a secure, youthful smile.

Clear braces discreetly moved the patient’s teeth into position for an even smile.

B & A Dentures

This lady’s dentures were poorly fitting, so she lacked confidence in her speech and smile. With dentures made by Chris Egan, the fit was so great that she gained confidence in her smile.

Composite veneers were chosen for the lack of preparation required of the natural tooth and their speed, creating a beautiful, even smile.

B & A Orthodontics

Overcrowding was resolved with orthodontic treatment. The patient gained more confidence from his straighter smile.

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