How long do dental implants last?

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tim-editBy Dr. Tim Doswell (BChD Dip.Imp.Dent.RCS(Eng) (Adv.Cert))

Perhaps the most commonly asked question after “how much do implants cost?”, is “how long do implants last?” Fortunately, in the majority of cases, implants can last a lifetime.

There are hundreds of research papers spanning 5 decades that look at dental implant success rates and the commonly accepted success rate is at least 95%. With modern day implant technology and techniques, this figure is actually even higher.

Why should you visit a Dental Hygienist?

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Wendy (18)By Dr. Wendy Cole (BDS MSc (Clin Perio)

You might be wondering why your dentist recommends seeing a dental hygienist. We all know that poor dental hygiene is the main contributing factor in tooth decay and gum disease. We also know that effective tooth brushing and cleaning between helps teeth and gums to stay healthy. So why the additional time and expense? What do they offer that my dentist can’t?

Despite all our brushing, flossing and mouth washing, harmful plaque can still build in up in hard to reach areas. Most of the time we can’t tell it’s there, we can’t feel it or see it, it’s the same colour as our teeth. It takes less than a week for ‘secret plaque’ to cause early gum disease or gingivitis. No matter how well we think we’re removing the ‘germs’, we tend to miss the same bits every time. Without ‘professional removal’, bacteria will build up and can mineralize, becoming tartar (we call it calculus). Given time this build up can cause more serious irreversible damage called periodontitis. Unfortunately, this often goes by unnoticed, but sometime we get little warning signs -bleeding gums and bad breath (halitosis), or big warning signs of drifting and wobbly teeth or our teeth may even fall out.

Dental phobia – is it possible to overcome?

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By Dr. Geoff Baggaley

BChD DGDP(U.K.) RCS Dip.Con.Sed(Newc)


Are you scared of the dentist?

Anxiety is a very powerful emotion, in which the body prepares itself for something unpleasant to happen. Dental phobia and anxiety is equally as powerful and this intense emotion prevents a significant proportion of the general public from accessing dental care.

As well as missing out on dental checks and treatment of cavities, these patients are at significant risk from undetected and untreated dental disease. They also miss out on other important checks, such as for oral cancer, and being advised on the current risk factors in dental disease.

Overcoming dental phobia

If you have dental phobia or anxiety, the first step is to talk to your dentist about it. If your dentist knows how you’re feeling, they can make a special effort to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. However, if your anxiety is beyond your control, there is help available. In my experience, even people who have extreme fear about dental procedures can learn to get over their fears and receive dental treatment in a manner that feels calm and safe.

Are dental implants better than natural teeth?

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By Dr. Antony Bellaries BDS MFDS RCS (Ed)

Antony 2

Dental implants were first introduced to help people who had lost all of their natural teeth, but had great difficulty with dentures (false teeth) because they had lost too much jawbone for the dentures to rest on securely.

Implants SMLToday, most dental implants are used to replace either a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. This means that modern implants have to come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the different teeth that they replace. Their surfaces have been improved to enhance the integration process and their success (or more appropriately “survival”) rates are in the region of 94% at five years. Dental implants are widely accepted as a more successful and conservative option to fixed bridgework – but are they better than natural teeth?

The cost of Dental Implants – why so much?

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Tim (6)By Dental Implant Surgeon, Dr. Tim Doswell (BChD Dip.Imp.Dent.RCS(Eng) (Adv.Cert))

As The Raglan Suite is one of the biggest dental implant clinics in the north of England, by far the most commonly asked question we get asked is “How much are dental implants?” The answer is easily provided after a complimentary assessment, but naturally, the cost of treatment can be a concern and leads to the question, “why do dental implants cost so much?!”

Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

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By Clinical Dental Technician, Chris Egan (RDT Dip Lds, CDT Dip Rcs Eng) 

Whether you’re considering dentures or have recently got them, there will be a lot of information you’ll need from your dentist. Here at The Raglan Suite, we’ve asked our Dentures Guru, aka Clinical Dental Technician Chris Egan, to give us the top six most common frequently asked questions about dentures:

Direct Composite Veneers: A Non-Invasive Option

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By Dr. Kim Taylor  – (BDS MSc (AES Dent))

Kim SMLThere are many people who want to achieve a straighter, whiter smile, but have concerns that it will be a costly proceedure – not only to their bank balance, but more significantly, to their natural teeth.

To achieve a straighter smile, we would first advise patients to consider having a brace fitted. However, if the length of orthodontic treatment is a concern, some patients can be offered a quicker way to achieve results – veneers.

Dental implants abroad. If something seems too good to be true….?

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By Tim Doswell – BChD Dip.Imp.Dent.RCS(Eng) (Adv.Cert)

Tim (6)Over recent years, there has been massive growth in the demand for treatment with dental implants. This has been helped by growing media awareness due to TV programmes such as Channel 4’s “Embarrassing Bodies” and regular features in national newspapers and magazines. The fact is, without question, they offer the best solution to replace missing teeth as they are fixed in place and so feel like natural teeth. If you wear dentures, dental implants offer a solution that feels like having your own teeth back. It is not difficult to see why demand is so high.

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