Immediately Loaded Dental Implants

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Dr Tim Doswell

The “immediate implant” has become a very popular treatment option at The Raglan Suite. Once considered a rather unconventional approach, it has now become a widely accepted and extensively researched technique which delivers truly beautiful aesthetic results. This is because by using this technique, there is very minimal tissue shrinkage and the papillae are maintained.

The technique is particularly useful for any tooth in the aesthetic zone but in selected cases can be used for molars. The work flow can be used

for single teeth, replacement of failed bridges and even a full arch. The technique means that an uncomfortable temporary denture or unreliable adhesive bridge is no longer required as a provisional crown is fitted to the implant during surgery. The patient is only given local anaesthetic once as the implant is fitted at the same time as removing the tooth. This more efficient workflow means that overall treatment time is reduced to 3 months.

Dental Implants that stand the test of time

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We were recently treated to a press cutting that Dr Steve Byfield had kept from 1999 when he worked at a practice in Ripon.

The story covers a revolutionary new treatment involving replacing a full set of teeth with dental implants in just one day.

We asked the patient featured, Mr Clarke, what he thought about the treatment 20 years on. He said,”After 20 years the implants are still fabulous!”

Dr Byfield has been performing complex dental implant for over 20 years. To book a free dental implant consultation call 01423 565432



Proud to Support Run for 30

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The Raglan Suite are proud to support Steve Bannister from The Fitness Rooms   in his campaign to raise £30,000 for Help 4 Heros.

Record numbers of patients having Dental Implants

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The number of dental implants placed by clinicians at a leading North Yorkshire Dental Practice have seen a dramatic increase during 2018.

Dentists at The Raglan Suite, in Harrogate, have placed over 1105 dental implants in 2018 for patients in the region, many of whom have been referred by their own dentist, a figure which is up from 968 in 2017. Dr Steve Byfield,  Clinician at The Raglan Suite attributed the growth to the addition of a new dentist joining the clinical team with practice limited to implants.

Can dental implants be done in a day?

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By Dr. Tim Doswell

Field of Dentistry: Dental Implants

Can dental implants be done in a day? It may come as a surprise to know that, YES, in many single teeth cases, it is possible to fit a dental implant in a day. In fact we do this procedure – known as an “immediate implant” – on a regular basis here at The Raglan Suite. It means that a patient can come into the practice, have the failing tooth removed and the implant placed together with an aesthetic temporary crown, all in the same appointment.

How can you cope with dental anxiety?

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By Dr. Geoff Baggaley

BChD DGDP(U.K.) RCS Dip.Con.Sed(Newc)

If you’re very nervous of the dentist or dental treatment, you are not alone.  It’s believed that over 60% of the adult population suffers from some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist. There are many people who feel a “little uneasy” about dental treatment, but they can usually cope. However, if you have an intense or persistent fear of the dentist, you may have dental anxiety or dental phobia and will need a sympathetic practice with additional support to get the treatment you need.

Implant Dentistry in a digital world

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By Dr. Haytham Abbas

BDS (Ncle 2005), MFDS (RCS Emg 2008), Dip.Imp.Dent

Digital advancements in the last 18 years have drastically changed how we communicate, travel and even eat. The technology used in the provision of Implant Dentistry has not been left behind, allowing us as oral surgeons to offer even more predictable results for patients.

Implant dentistry has gone digital. This means that we collect data – such as clinical photographs of your teeth, x-rays and impressions – digitally. Furthermore, with the aid of computer programming and laboratory technicians, we can now put this data together to show you what the clinical outcome is likely to be before a tooth is even removed.

The Value of Good Service

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Dr. Tim DoswellBy Dr. Tim Doswell

Dental Surgeon and Practice Director

“I am obsessed by good service. I drive my wife and family mad when we eat out because if we haven’t had good service in a pub or restaurant, I won’t stay to have pudding! We leave after the main course. I admit that this is shooting myself in the foot as I love pudding, but there is a principle involved here…

The Changing Face of Dentistry

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 By Dr. Antony Bellaries

This time of year often provides a period of reflection and an optimistic look to the future. This year it is the 70th anniversary of the inception of the National Health Service, formed as part of Clement Attlee’s (then Labour Prime Minister) “cradle to grave” welfare state reform policy in the aftermath of the Second World War. The NHS was the first universal health care system established anywhere in the world. Amongst other services, it provided greater access to dental care, in an otherwise dentally neglected population.

In the mid half of the twentieth century, dental disease was rife. The vast majority of dental treatment provided was tooth extractions and the provision of dentures. So what’s changed? A huge amount! Below I’ve listed my top four significant changes to happen to dentistry over the last seventy years:

I’m missing a front tooth! What next?

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Dr. Tim Doswell

By Dr. Tim Doswell

In the aesthetically driven world that we live in, missing a front tooth would be devastating. Rightly or wrongly, we are often judged by the way we look. This is why missing a front tooth is embarrassing and socially awkward. Ask yourself the question – if you lost your front tooth, would you leave the house?

The traditional approach to replace a single missing tooth

So what happens if you lose a front tooth in an accident or a sports injury, or are told that it needs to be extracted?

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