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15 August 2017
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By Chris Egan

(RDT Dip Lds, CDT Dip Rcs Eng)


Dr. Jiro Abe demonstrating his new suction denture technique

In March 2017, I travelled to Japan to complete a course on the revolutionary new suction denture technique taught by Dr Jiro Abe. As a result, I am now qualified to provide Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures (SEMCD) – the very latest in suction effective dentures.

One of the most difficult things to achieve in dentistry is suction and stability on a full lower denture. This new technique, which eliminates the problem of the lower denture lifting by creating effective suction, is rapidly becoming popular worldwide. After achieving great results on my own patients, I can understand why this new suction denture technique offers such a huge advantage over a conventional full lower denture system.

Over 70% of patients with no lower teeth are suitable for a suction effective lower denture. In my experience, patients adapt to a new suction denture far quicker than a conventional denture and tend to experience fewer sore spots, which results in fewer adjustments.

5 crucial advantages of the new suction denture:

  • Less movement when eating and especially when speaking
  • A secured sense when chewing
  • More accurate fit
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Minimal requirement for the use of fixative

The process to make a suction effective denture takes the same number of appointments as a conventional denture, however the technique used in taking the impressions is significantly different. In order to achieve the most effective suction, this new technique considers a patient’s oral mucous as well as muscle attachment, therefore impressions need to be more precise. Most patients find the impression taking for a suction lower denture is a better experience than having dentures made with the conventional technique.

Like all the dentures I make, I only use the highest quality materials available in order to achieve the most superior denture for the patient. I also work very closely with a fantastic dental laboratory which again guarantees a quality finish by using Ivoclar’s latest denture teeth and acrylic which has less than 1% shrinkage compared to some pink acrylics.

After spending over 30 years making dentures, I am finding that the suction effective lower denture is the biggest advancement we have seen in many years and I’m confident that many more patients will continue to feel the benefit.

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