Multiple missing teeth

Contrary to belief, if you are have multiple missing teeth, you may not need to have multiple implants to match. The reality is that usually there is not sufficient enough bone for implants to replace each and every missing tooth. In these instances we use a Dental Implant Bridge, which is similar to a regular dental bridge, but it is supported by implants and not by natural teeth. A Dental Implant Bridge is offered in two systems – fixed or removable.

Fixed dental implant bridge

fixed dental implant bridgeA fixed bridge is permanently attached to the implants with small screws and can’t be removed by the patient. For most patients with multiple missing teeth, this may be considered the gold standard as it is the closest to getting your teeth back. It’s also often the preferred treatment for patients who’ve lost most or all of their teeth, but have not yet experienced significant bone loss in the jaw.

You need 4-6 implants in each jaw to hold a fixed system.

Functionally, this system is excellent, but it can be difficult to look after because the bridge is not removable.

Removable dental implant bridge

Removable dental implant bridgeAnother option for multiple missing teeth is a removable bridge which is connected to the implants via a connection called a “Conus abutment.” Titanium caps are set within the bridge and create a metal-metal friction fit with the Conus abutments which are screwed onto the implants. For this option, you would need 4-6 implants in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw. In the upper jaw, the bridge is designed to clear the roof of the mouth which helps with comfort and taste.
The benefit of this system is that it offers the same level of function as a fixed implant bridge, with no perceptible movement at all. It actually feels ‘fixed’ and very secure and would fully restore normal chewing function. However, because this system is removable, it is much easier to maintain and keep clean at home which is essential for the long term success of the treatment.

The removable bridge also delivers excellent aesthetic results.

As one of the largest Dental Implant clinics in the north of England, The Raglan Suite has a team of highly skilled dental surgeons with experience in treating multiple missing teeth with full dental implant bridges. For further information or to book a free consultation, please call 01423 565432 or contact us online.

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