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What does “minimally invasive” aesthetic dentistry mean?

12 January 2017
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By Dr. Kim Taylor

(BDS MSc (AES Dent)

To be able to smile with confidence is a joy that cannot be underestimated. As more aesthetic dentistry treatments become available and the ways in which this can be achieved become more accessible, increasing numbers of people are realising their dream and vision of the perfect smile.

But how is the way we approach this changing and what does minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry actually mean?

The two pillars of this concept in dentistry are –

Minimally invasive: is a modern dental technique designed around the principal aim of preserving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. (i.e. the teeth and supporting tissue). 

Aesthetic: Relating to the enhancing and appreciation of beauty.

The two concepts combined therefore –

Minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry:

Enhances both the function and appearance of teeth, though minimal intervention and preserving as much of the tooth tissue as possible, in order to achieve the individuals perception of beauty.

The aim is to create beautiful, individual smiles with little or no detriment to the original tissue. This is achieved via:

  • Thorough consultation – to ensure that we fully understand what your vision and perception of a ‘perfect’ smile is, so that we know how we might best achieve it for you.
  • Careful assessment – of the health and status of your teeth to establish exactly what treatment is required to help you to achieve your vision.
  • Application of the latest techniques – if your teeth and gums are healthy, we use the most modern techniques to correct your dental concerns and enable you to walk out of The Raglan Suite with your new smile.

The benefits of this minimally invasive approach cannot be underestimated. By preserving as much tooth tissue as possible (and ideally not affecting it at all), the risks associated with treatment are dramatically reduced.

For example, if tooth tissue is removed (or teeth are cut back) there is a risk that the nerve that sits at its centre will become irritated. This may result in anything from a slight sensitivity to irreversible damage to the tooth which requires root canal treatment or even the tooth extracted. Therefore, if no tooth tissue is removed and the tooth remains wholly intact, this risk is significantly reduced.

After treatment with Direct Composite Veneers, which uses a minimally invasive technique.

Not only is this process less damaging to your teeth than conventional methods, it is also easier on the wallet! So to realise your dream of the perfect smile, consider requesting a minimally invasive approach. Of course we all want a beautiful smile – but not at any cost, and most certainly not at the expense of the health of your teeth.

The team at The Raglan Suite are always happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry. Call 01423 565432 to book your complimentary consultation. They look forward to helping you realise your vision. 

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