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Are Immediate Dentures a solution?

27 January 2017
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By Clinical Dental Technician, Chris Egan

(RDT Dip Lds, CDT Dip Rcs Eng)

In order to answer this, let’s first explain what “immediate” dentures are. Immediate Dentures are those that are put in ‘immediately’ after having a tooth extraction. They can replace one tooth or a number of teeth. Immediate Dentures are constructed before the teeth have been removed and inserted immediately after the removal of the teeth.

If the prognosis is very poor for all your remaining teeth, as commonly happens with severe gum disease, an ‘immediate complete denture’ or dentures (top and bottom) may be made and fitted. An ‘immediate partial denture’ could also be made as a temporary solution during a course of treatment to allow the gums to heal.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

There are several advantage of Immediate Dentures:

  • Your gums heal better and faster – An Immediate Denture helps keep the blood clots in place and therefore helps the gums to heal better and faster.
  • There’s no gap – You can carry on your day-to-day life without embarrassment from a gap in your smile due to a missing tooth or teeth.
  • You can eat well and chew well – Missing teeth can often cause a problem when you are speaking or chewing food. At this stage, an Immediate Denture can help you to eat and enjoy food properly.
  • They are adjustable – As gums heal they shrink and become healthy again. As they shrink, a small space may appear between the gum and the denture. The dentures can be easily relined to fit appropriately to ensure optimal comfort.

Are there any disadvantages of Immediate Dentures?

It’s advisable to bear in mind that Immediate Dentures are a work in progress or temporary solution, so that the mouth can heal. This means that biting and speech may be affected to begin with and adjustments need to be made. However this is all part of the process with the changes that occur to your jawbone as it heals.

If you are having an Immediate Denture, i.e. your teeth are removed and the denture put straight in, you do not have the luxury of a prior ‘try-in’. This means that we have to estimate the shape of the jaw after the teeth have been removed due to the ‘straight to fit’ procedure. With a single tooth this generally isn’t an issue, but with a full denture where the extension of the base is so crucial to the stability of the denture, some adjustment and the use of fixative may be required in between adjustments or ‘relines’.

Are there any alternatives to an Immediate Denture?

  • Do nothing

If it is a single tooth, you can of course do nothing and leave the space if you are happy to do so.

  • Temporary bridge

A temporary bridge may be made, but this cannot be added to and so can become unsightly and need replacing when the gum heals and shrinks. No matter how well they are made, a temporary bridge is not easy to clean and tends not to be the best for gum health as they collect a lot of plaque. Immediate Dentures on the other hand can be removed, which makes cleaning much easier and more efficient.

So do Immediate Dentures mean I can walk out of The Raglan Suite with all my teeth again straight after an extraction?

Yes! We can complete the treatment in a single day by having you come in early in the morning and then again later that same afternoon. During the afternoon appointment, it is literally out with the tooth, in with the denture!

If you still have any questions about Immediate Dentures, please call us on 01423 565432 or email and we will be happy to help.

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