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How can you cope with dental anxiety?

13 August 2018
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By Dr. Geoff Baggaley

BChD DGDP(U.K.) RCS Dip.Con.Sed(Newc)

If you’re very nervous of the dentist or dental treatment, you are not alone.  It’s believed that over 60% of the adult population suffers from some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist.

There are many people who feel a “little uneasy” about dental treatment, but they can usually cope. However, if you have an intense or persistent fear of the dentist, you may have dental anxiety or dental phobia and will need a sympathetic practice with additional support to get the treatment you need.

Dental anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, it’s possible that you only go to the dentist when you have a dental emergency or are in extreme pain! The strength of your anxiety means that you don’t want to visit the dentist for those regular and essential check ups that help to prevent problems developing. Further to this, dentally anxious patients often carry a feeling of guilt. You may think that you are the most anxious patient who has ever walked the planet or that you have the worst teeth of anyone. This could not be further from the truth!

Treating “dentally anxious” patients

At The Raglan Suite we successfully treat people with higher than average levels of dental anxiety every day. The thing is – teeth and gums, like the rest of our bodies, need to be looked after and any issues treated promptly.

The main problem for dentally anxious patients isn’t just the possibility (or reality) of unsightly, stained or missing teeth, but the wider implications and substantial risk of undetected dental disease and oral cancer.

Getting help if you suffer from dental anxiety

If you haven’t visited a dentist in a number of years, it’s important to get support. The first step is to talk to your own dentist about it – if a dentist is sympathetic, they will understand and make a special effort to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. If the dentist has genuine empathy, they will be capable of building a strong relationship with their patient which is built on trust. Overcoming dental anxiety is primarily about finding the right dentist – one who you feel listens to you and genuinely understands your fears. A dentist who you are comfortable with and trust 100%.

However, more often than not, anxious patients have been let down by an unpleasant or painful experience, or by a dentist who may appear more interested in working quickly and with little understanding of the patient’s anxiety.

Dental Anxiety Management Professionals at The Raglan Suite

At The Raglan Suite, we use a range of different methods of care to create a safe atmosphere. Our priority is to make sure you feel confident enough to accept advice and then when you feel comfortable, any required treatment. The aim is to encourage positive dental experiences.

We start with behavioural management techniques, which alone can be successful. Often anxious patients simply need to be allowed the time to “tell their story” of why they are anxious and to be listened to with genuine empathy. This may be enough for us to perform simple dental checks and when these are received comfortably, so begins a relationship of trust. However, it also needs to be accepted that some patients who have been avoiding the dentist for some time may need more than simple dentistry to regain good oral health.


If, following behavioural management techniques, you still feel a high level of anxiety or need more complex treatment, we can also provide different forms of sedation to help you relax.  If a patient is sedated, they are still awake and able to respond throughout the procedure, but they won’t be aware of what is happening and may not even be able to remember it.

There are different ways to be sedated:

  • ‘Gas and air’ (inhalation sedation) – this is simply a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen which is breathed in through a nasal mask and provides a level of sedation and analgesia (pain relief).
  • Intravenous Sedation – this is the use of sedation drugs which are delivered through a small plastic tube placed carefully in a vein, usually in the arm. This drug has a very useful side effect, in that the patient usually remembers very little of the dental visit. This form of sedation can only be performed by a dentist or doctor that is specially trained.

Our approach for treating dental anxiety

At The Raglan Suite, I work exclusively with people who suffer from dental anxiety.  In my experience, even people who have extreme fear about the simplest dental procedures can learn to receive treatment in a manner that feels safe and calm. Our approach here at The Raglan Suite is to encourage small, yet conquerable steps. The first step is simply having a chat with me, in a comfortable, non-clinical room, to discuss your feelings and concerns. That is it – there is no obligation to continue from there, but it’s often the case that once that initial step has been taken and trust is initiated, patients want to move forward with improving their dental health and getting their smile back.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that if you suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia, you are not alone.  There are many, many people who share your anxieties and equally there are many ways that we can help you towards achieving a happy, healthy smile. It can all start with a simple chat with me.

Dr. Geoff Baggaley is a professional in the management of dental anxiety and teaches dentists across the UK on how to deliver his techniques to their own anxious patients. If you would like to meet with Geoff to discuss your concerns in a non-clinical environment, simply fill in the online form and one of our Treatment Co-ordinators will contact you.

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