Direct Composite Veneers: A Non-Invasive Option

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By Dr. Kim Taylor  – (BDS MSc (AES Dent))

Kim SMLThere are many people who want to achieve a straighter, whiter smile, but have concerns that it will be a costly proceedure – not only to their bank balance, but more significantly, to their natural teeth.

To achieve a straighter smile, we would first advise patients to consider having a brace fitted. However, if the length of orthodontic treatment is a concern, some patients can be offered a quicker way to achieve results – veneers.

Veneers consist of a layer of porcelain material that is created and shaped to fit over the top or tip of the tooth to improve its appearance. Traditionally, dentists would need to make space for this porcelain cover by shaving down the tooth to make it smaller. This process removes otherwise healthy tooth tissue. However, with the advances in technology and techniques, this is no longer the case. There are now veneering options that involve little or no preparation to the tooth, so that it is left in its natural state underneath the veneer.

Porcelain veneers are made in a laboratory and cemented into place onto the tooth. With new advancements in technology, we can now build the veneer directly on the tooth by layering it with a high-grade tooth coloured material. Called ‘Direct Composite Veneers’, this means that we can sculpt and create beautiful tooth shapes and natural looking smiles without removing any tooth tissue.

At The Raglan Suite we are dentists first and foremost and although we want people to be happy with their smile, primarily we want the teeth to be healthy and remain healthy long-term. Porcelain veneers are still an effective treatment, especially as they can now be made thinner with less need to cut down the tooth. However, Direct Composite Veneers are becoming increasingly popular as a less invasive and more financially attractive alternative.


When considering Direct Composit Veneers as a treatment option, the initial stage is to have a complimentary consultation at The Raglan Suite. This is where we find out what your vision of a perfect smile is and how we might best achieve that for you. After that, we assume a thorough assessment of the health and status of the patients teeth to establish exactly what treatment is required to help them achieve their ideal vision.

If the teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for Direct Composite Veneers, the initial process and long term maintainance is explained in full. The patient will be then be provided with a detailed consent form to take home and read in addition to a bespoke treatment plan.

The most time consuming part of treatment is the planning. This is to ensure that it’s the right procedure for the patient and that we can meet their expectations. We follow this with various stages to help the patient visualize what their smile might look like, such as flowing a tooth coloured material onto the tooth so that they have the look of veneers and an idea of how it might feel. We also have digital smile design tools so that we can adapt photos of the patient to give them a better image of how their smile might look.

Once the patient is happy, the actual treatment to apply the Direct Composite Veneers is painless (some patients even say it’s quite relaxing!) and can be done in a single half-day appointment.  During this time their new smile is built with care and by hand, like an original comissioned work of art. As it’s built, the patient has maximum input into the colour, shape and position of their new smile, allowing their own personal vision to be truly realised.


After the treatment the patient walks out of The Raglan Suite with their new smile, which we encourage them to show to as many family and friends as possible to get their response.  When they return to us a couple of weeks later, we can refine their smile as they wish, adding in finer details and a high gloss polish to enhance it even further.  We strongly believe that the real beauty of Direct Composit Veneers is in the detail, refined specifically to suit each individual.

Not only is this process less damaging to your teeth than conventional veneer methods, it is also more conservative for your wallet, often being less than half the price of the traditional porcelain alternatives.

The case example below allows you to see the results for yourself.

Before treatment:

CMO Before 2 CMO Before 3

This young lady requested a naturally beautiful smile, improving colour, shape and position of her teeth but was keen to avoid damaging them. Following the composite make-over, completed within a single afternoon the patient was truly delighted with her new smile.

After Direct Composite Veneers:

CMO After 2 CMO After 4

Dr. Kim Taylor

The team at The Raglan Suite are always happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to Direct Composite Veneers or indeed any other smile enhancement techniques. They are dedicated to finding the best solution for you. Call 01423 565432 to book your complimentary consultation. They look forward to helping you realise your vision. 

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