Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to fill the gaps left by missing teeth. They can be made entirely from plastic, or from a mixture of plastic and Chrome Cobalt, and are attached to your remaining natural teeth for better stability using metal clasps. Precision attachments can also be used which are more discreet than metal clasps, but normally require a tooth to be crowned or possible implant to be placed.

Why should we replace missing teeth?

Leaving spaces where teeth have been extracted can affect the remaining teeth. The remaining teeth can change position and start to drift into the gaps, which could damage the tissues in your mouth and affect your bite.

It can also be difficult to clean in between the gaps of crooked teeth, which increases the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease and may lead to additional tooth loss. Partial dentures can prevent your natural teeth from drifting and moving into the wrong positions, improving the overall health of your mouth.

Plastic vs chrome partial dentures


Partial denturePlastic partial dentures are custom made to fit perfectly in your mouth, creating a natural looking smile and giving you a healthy mouth once again.

Plastic dentures are less expensive than chrome dentures and may be a more attractive option for those patients who haven’t yet decided on the final restoration.


Metal partial dentures are usually made from an alloy of chrome cobalt and are far stronger than plastic ones. They can be made very small and thin and are normally very light and more comfortable to wear. They also impose less damage to the gums and the surrounding teeth compared to plastic partial dentures. The metal base of the partial denture is used to hold a gum coloured plastic base, so they look very natural and discreet.

Removable partial denture, close up of replacement teeth on white background

Chrome partial dentures are less likely to cause irritation or discomfort when they are fitted. They are designed to blend in with the existing contours of your mouth and are more hygienic as they cover less of the gums and teeth. Covering less of the soft tissue in the mouth promotes good oral health, aids speech and allows patients to enjoy a better sense of taste.

The clasps that hold the partial dentures in place will improve support and hold the dentures in place. Light alloy dentures are more durable than other types of denture, meaning they will withstand more wear and tear, last longer and are less likely to break.

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