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Dr. Steve Byfield Dental Implant Surgeon

The four stages of dental implant treatment

Implant treatment normally involves several stages of dental implant treatment that take place over a period of time from three to twelve months. At The Raglan Suite, a typical process often includes:

A: Consultation

The first stages will be a consultation with our Implant Surgeon and a Treatment Co-ordinator to discuss your existing oral health and ensure you are suitable for dental implants. The Implant Surgeon will recommend a course of treatment and you will be offered a period of reflection. Your course of treatment will then be agreed and booked in.

B: Planning

Xrays - stages of dental implant treatmentTo prepare for the implant procedure, our implant dentist will undertake a full assessment of your whole mouth, including the gums and each individual tooth. This is to assess your oral health and identify optimal placement of the tooth implant. This stage may involve simple x-rays or full 3D scans and study models.

C: Installing the tooth implant

stages of dental implant treatmentThe tooth implant is placed under local anesthetic. Patients who are anxious, suffer gag reflexes or anticipate a longer procedure, may wish this process to be supplemented by sedation. The appointment may take up to an hour for a single implant. At this time, a temporary bridge or denture is placed for a few months. This allows your new implant to heal and integrate with the jawbone, before the permanent tooth or teeth are placed.

D: Attaching the new tooth

The final step is the placement of the tooth onto the implant. The implant dentist will also advise you about ongoing maintenance of your implant and dental cleaning.

E: End result

OnceFull Arch Implant Unfitted your tooth is placed on the dental implant, the new tooth should look and function just like a natural tooth. Your regular dental hygiene routine should be sufficient to keep the tooth and gum around it clean.

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