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Tooth Coloured Fillings

Replacing silver fillings with white fillings has become a popular aesthetic dentistry treatment over recent years.

Traditionally, holes (cavities) in teeth were restored with a silver coloured filling material (called amalgam). Over time the seal between the filling and tooth can break down, causing discolouration and even decay underneath the filling. In addition, as the silver coloured filling material is very rigid, fracture lines can begin to form in the surrounding tooth structure. You may be unaware of this until part of the tooth breaks away or your dentist points out the concern.

Replacement of a silver coloured filling with a high grade composite restoration (white filling) can not only greatly improve the appearance of the tooth, but also reduce the possibility of problems occurring such as fractures, discolouration and decay.

White fillings consist of composite resin that is placed in the tooth once the existing filling or decay has been removed and the tooth cleaned. The material is carefully built up layer by layer and then cured (or set) with a blue light. This process is relatively easy and quick and can provide highly aesthetic results.

Before with traditional filling
After with replacement white filling

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