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Dental sedation

For patients who require oral surgery or those who suffer dental anxiety or phobia, dental sedation is often the answer. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures to a simple scale and polish. How it’s used depends on the treatment and the level of anxiety.

Here are a few of the most common FAQ’s:

What are the benefits?

Apart from relaxing you and helping reduce or remove your anxiety, Sedation also changes your perception of time, so even long procedures will feel like they have only taken a few minutes. This treatment also causes mild amnesia, so the vast majority of our patients have little recollection about their treatment.

Is it safe?

Sedation is very safe. Firstly, you are in very experienced hands at The Raglan Suite. Dr. Baggaley and Dr. Cole both have extensive experience in this field. You will be given a full assessment the week before we do the procedure to ensure you are suitable. When the drug is administered, it is ‘titrated (this means it is given slowly, bit by bit) to ensure that you are only given the dose that suits you. Our aim is to achieve a very relaxed yet conscious state.

Throughout the procedure we continuously monitor your blood pressure and oxygen levels. If we have any concerns, we can administer a separate drug that succeeds in completely reversing the sedation.

Is it like a general anaesthetic?

Sedation is not like a general anaesthetic as you are not unconscious. With dental sedation, you are able to respond to the clinical team and the world around you. However, you are in a “sleepy” state. It will relax you, but you will still be awake and be able to talk to us throughout the procedure. Local anaesthetic is used as necessary; however it is given after sedation has been achieved, therefore you will almost certainly have no memory of it being used.

How is sedation given?

The sedative we give you is a drug called Midazolam, which relaxes you. The sedative is administered through a tube that is gently placed into a vein in your arm or in the back of your hand.

What is the treatment process?

Sedation has to be planned in advance of having treatment. If you wish to be sedated, an assessment is carried out beforehand (usually 1 week before) to make sure you are suitable for the procedure.

Who carries out the sedation?

Dr. Wendy Cole and Dr. Geoff Baggaley provide sedation at The Raglan Suite. They are both caring and very experienced and you will be carefully monitored throughout your procedure to ensure your safety.

What do I need to do afterwards?

If you opt to have sedation, you will need to have both the day of the procedure and the following day off work. You will also need to bring a companion with you to take you home afterwards, as you will not be able to drive a car or operate any machinery for 24 hours following the sedation. You will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult until the following day.

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