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Are dental implants better than natural teeth?

6 October 2016
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By Dr. Antony Bellaries


Dental implants were first introduced to help people who had lost all of their natural teeth, but had great difficulty with dentures (false teeth) because they had lost too much jawbone for the dentures to rest on securely.

Today, most dental implants are used to replace either a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. This means that modern implants have to come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the different teeth that they replace. Their surfaces have been improved to enhance the integration process and their success (or more appropriately “survival”) rates are in the region of 94% at five years. Dental implants are widely accepted as a more successful and conservative option to fixed bridgework – but are they better than natural teeth?

Are dental implants better than natural teeth?

The simple answer is no! Undoubtedly, implants provide a fantastic fixed long term alternative to a lost tooth, but keeping a natural tooth, if clinically possible, is usually the better option. Studies have shown that a natural, root filled tooth, that is appropriately restored and well maintained, has a comparable if not better long term survival rate over a dental implant. The consequence of a failed implant versus a failed tooth are usually much more complicated. Therefore if a tooth can be saved or “restored”, that is the option we would usually recommend at The Raglan Suite.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth has died or become infected, we often treat it with Root Canal Therapy or ‘RCT’. This involves gently cleaning and shaping the fine canals within the root of the tooth to eliminate the harmful bacteria. Once they are clean, the canals are sealed with a root filling to prevent reinfection. This treatment is carried out by a dentist who practices endodontics, which by its very definition means “inside the tooth”.  Often root filled teeth require further protection from fracture with a crown or onlay.

In the past, Root Canal Therapy has received bad press with people recounting the horror of enduring hours of very painful treatment. These days, with modern anaesthetic techniques, there is no reason why treatment should not be completely painless. The Raglan Suite offers state of the art facilities to ensure your root canal therapy is performed to the highest standards.  At the practice I use high spec equipment, including a powerful operating microscope to enhance vision and a CT Scanner, which help ensure root canal treatment is both painless and predictable.

Dr. Antony Bellaries is a long standing member of The Raglan Suite team. His practice is limited primarily to endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) and he has a close relationship with many dentists throughout Yorkshire who refer complex cases to The Raglan Suite. If you would like to book a consultation with Antony, please call 01423 565432. 

The team at The Raglan Suite are always happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to Root Canal Therapy. You can send us a message in complete confidentiality through our online contact form.

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