Dermatology treatments

female-doctor-looking-at-hand-of-older-patientDermatology is the field of medicine that relates to conditions and diseases of the skin.  Although some of the more serious skin conditions can be treated by the NHS, treatment of cosmetic problems are usually not covered.

Even the smallest issues such as a mole, skin tag, sebaceous cyst, wart or thread vein can cause discomfort, distress and embarrassment.  At The Raglan Suite, our experienced GPs, Dr. Mike Holmes and Dr. Rachel Doswell, have specific skills in dermatology and primary skin care surgery and can check and/or remove many skin lesions for cosmetic reasons.

If you have any skin concerns, we invite you to contact us to book a complimentary, no obligation skin assessment. If you are suitable for treatment, we will discuss with you what that treatment involves and arrange a further appointment should you wish to proceed.

The most common skin conditions that we treat in our Dermatology clinic are:


figure1-1A mole (or “naevus”) is a pigmented skin lesion that naturally changes during the course of your life. Sometimes these changes are cause for concern and need professional assessment. Our GPs can check a single mole or carry out a full body assessment.

If we have any concerns regarding the nature of your mole, you will be referred on to a Specialist Dermatologist for evaluation.  It is not our policy to remove suspected skin cancers. All moles and pigmented lesions that we do remove are sent for biopsy to ensure they are innocent in nature.

Skin Tag

Skin Tags ©A skin tag (also known as a “papilloma”) is a small overgrowth of skin, which can cause discomfort (for example, if it rubs on clothing or jewellery) or is unsightly. They are very easily removed by our GPs under local anaesthetic or with a freezing treatment called cryotherapy. Occasionally they do recur.


dreamstime_xl_49185308A sebaceous cyst is a benign swelling under the skin that can occur anywhere in the body. Occasionally, they can become painfully infected, but can be easily removed by our GPs under local anesthetic.

Warts & Verrucas

WartThese are caused by a harmless virus and can be treated in various ways, most commonly with cryotherapy. Larger warts may need a minor procedure to remove them.

Thread Veins

Thread Veins ©Thread veins are superficial veins that become more apparent with increasing age, smoking and exposure to UV light. Although they are most commonly removed for aesthetic reasons, thread veins can cause throbbing and discomfort in the legs.

Thread veins are very easily treated with a technique called microsclerotherapy. This treatment involves injecting into the veins using a very fine needle. Support stockings will need to be worn for several weeks afterwards to achieve optimum results.

Skin lesions

skin-lesion-for-removalDifferent skin lesions require different methods of removal. These may include excision under local anaesthetic or cryotherapy. We will discuss your options fully with you before commencing any treatment.

For more information or to book a free consultation click here or call 01423 565432. For information on costs please visit our Pricing page.

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